Pershore to Stoulton / Stoulton to Pershore

Walking instructions & Map for walking from West to East & East to West

Pershore - Stoulton Map

Pershore to Stoulton

From Pershore take the B4084 towards Evesham. Just on the outskirts of Pershore find the Pershore Bridge Car Park and Picnic Site on the L. (Just after the bridge over the River Avon).

Leave the car park and cross the river on the old bridge used by Cromwell. Cross B4084 and go L to find a kissing gate in the railings just before the new bridge, take steps down to go with River Avon on your L. (Please be aware there may be diversions in place when there is a flood warning).

Follow the bank of the Avon for around 1/2 mile to find foot bridge, take foot bridge and go ahead to cross second foot bridge and ahead for around a further 1/2 mile to find foot bridge. Take double gated foot bridge and ahead to take double gated footbridge. Go R with hedge R to take gate, then further gate to road.

On main road turn right and at garden centre cross road and go up slope (by a house called The Farthings) marked as a Bridle path.

At the top of lane go through five bar gate at right of Woodmans Cottage, and ahead on grassy track between light fencing, leading to vehicle track. Go L on vehicle track which becomes grass track, keep ahead to find wooden gate into wood..

Take gate into the ancient Tyddesley wood and go ahead down bridle path through wood.
Cross logging road, and continue through wood, pass Military Firing Range warning flag post, ignore side paths and maintain line down to bridge over Bow Brook.

Go through kissing gate and up field with fence R to take gate at the top corner of field to road. This is Salters Lane.

Go L for 50 yards on Salters Lane and take gap R. Turn 1/2 right and go across field to field edge. Go L with hedge R, after some 50 yards before field corner, take stream bridge R.

After 50 paces turn L through gap into field. Go  R across field centre to find a waymarked foot bridge to right of large oak tree. Cross footbridge. Ahead over next field to find foot bridge to L of oak in the top right field corner.

Cross footbridge, go 1/2 L to find field corner gap to road. You are now at Crabbe Common T-junction.

Turn left and follow the road direction Croome / Kempsey for approximately 600 yards.

Take roadside hedge gap R. Observe lone tree in centre of field. Head directly for tree - pass tree and at field edge go R 30 paces to find hedge stile and footbridge L.

Cross stile and footbridge and go  L to find way mark post at wood edge. Turn L keeping the wood to your R. After 150 yards come to road.

Go R 20 paces and the L on grassy bridleway into Croome Perry Wood. Turn right, as the bridleway does, and carry on with main body of the wood on your L. Exit wood to grassy track and ahead to road at the outskirts of Wadborough.

Go R and enter Wadborough (telephone box at first road on right) - Pass the Masons Arms on L.

Go 100 yards past pub cross stile R and take footpath sign ahead to cross the fields/stiles with hedge R to find road. Turn R for 200 yards and just before house R find stile L (this may be hidden in the hedge and broken) adjacent to double gates (the gates are often open so you can pass through).

 Go R along field edge with hedge R to pass to rear of house. At field corner remain in field and continue along field edge with woods R to exit by far corner stile. Go ahead with woods R and exit by stile and ahead to end of woods.

Continue ahead with hedge R and go through undergrowth to find bridge over ditch. Ahead to lone tree, and ahead to aim to L of red roofed house to find gap with rough vehicle way.

Go ahead down vehicle way to come to tarmac drive, over stream to road. Go L on road.

Pass Feli's Pub and Restaurant on your L, route goes up hill until you meet the B4084. Turn left and then first right into Church Lane to St. Edmund Church Stoulton.

Stoulton to Pershore

Face St Edmund Church at Stoulton. Go R down road to the B4084. Turn L and then first R to HAWBRIDGE. Pass Feli's Pub and Restaurant and after some 100 yards take bridleway R, over stream, and take rough track L to field.

Go R by back of house for some 10 paces then go L over field to lone tree. At lone tree go 1/4 R to find footbridge over ditch. Go over bridge, through undergrowth and ahead with hedge on L. By wood bear R and L round corner of wood. Continue with wood on L for 100 yards. Exit field by stile, and ahead with wood L to exit next field by stile. Continue ahead in large field with woods L to field corner, do not exit field, but continue around field edge to pass to rear of houses, to find stile to road. (The stile is broken and hidden in the hedge but you can pass through the gateway).

Go R on road for some 200 yards and take stile L to path. Go with hedge L through fields to road.

On road go L and enter Wadborough. Pass the Masons Arms on R (telephone box at first road on left).

Carry straight on until the road makes a sharp right turn. Here take the bridle path to the left with Crome Perry wood on your right. Follow the bridleway through the wood, ignoring crossing path. At sharp left turn do not go ahead across plank bridge but swing L and continue on woodland track, passing farm buildings R, to road.

Cross road, go 20 yards R and take field entrance L. Go ahead with wood on L, after some 200 paces find hidden way mark L. At way mark, go 3 /4 R across field to find stile and footbridge. Go across field passing close to left lone tree aiming for hedge gap to find road.

Go L on road. Pass Crabbe Lane on L and after 15 paces find field entrance R, go into field and go 1/2 L to field corner with plank bridge over ditch.

Cross bridge, and then head across field to find footbridge approximately 100 yards to the right of top left corner.

Cross foot bridge go 1/4 L across field to field corner. Take ditch bridge and gap by large tree to left of line of bushy trees.

Through gap, go right to find bridge. Over bridge and go L with hedge L, follow field edge (ignoring another stile/bridge on your left) to reach gate onto the road. This is Salters lane.

Go L for some 50 yards to find gate R. Take gate and go with hedge L down to kissing gate and footbridge over Bow Brook.

Enter Tyddesley wood and go up bridal path, through wood, across a logging road to gate and stile. Take gate and ahead on grassy way between light fencing, leading into vehicle way. Continue ahead on vehicle way to find gap R in fencing. Take gap and ahead on fence lined grassy track to take gate to L of a black and white thatched cottage, (Woodman's Cottage).

Go down the lane to the main Pershore - Upton road. Cross road and turn R. At the end of the Garden Centre take gate L and gate R to go L with hedge L to River Avon. (Please be aware there may be diversions in place when there is a flood warning).

Turn L at river and follow bank upstream to Pershore Bridge. Take steps, turn L on main road (B4084) and after some 50 paces go R to re cross Avon on old bridge to find car park and Picnic site.